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Julie ManginJulie Mangin: My memories are being posted on the Clog Palace Blog. I hope my writing will prompt you to contribute your own memories to the project.

Dave ShombertDave Shombert: "Those Thursday nights became the equivalent of a support group for me. Some of the friendships endure to this day, and I treasure them all the more because of how much they helped me when I really needed it."
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Marc GlickmanMarc Glickman : "I'll always remember the night some tip jar or gumball machine or charity candy bowl or something was suddenly found to be missing or empty or broken and the waitress went ballistic, insisting that nobody leave the premises until the guilty party was ferreted out and marched off in handcuffs. "
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Pat Sessions: "Sometimes I'd start out the evening feeling half dead and then the music would put wings on my feet and I felt like I was airborne..."
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   Julie's Tacky Treasures >> Clog Palace Memories Project
   June 28, 2009
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